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The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in Yahuah to the pulling down of strongholds. Our King is still on His throne! Check out our site for content that will build your spirit and prepare your soul for what is to come. Sign up today for free!


We cannot fight a spiritual battle without preparing our spiritual vessels. The 7:14 Movement is dedicated to getting you equipped with the right tools to fight the biggest war of all: the inner man. Grow in Yahusha, as you are challenged to change your perspective about the Kingdom of The Most High Yah. Put on your full armor.  Yahusha HaMasiach is King! 

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I have been waiting for the moment to speak to you! You have been on my heart because life is tough to navigate on our own. Let's chat about the things that have been heavy on your heart. I'm here to listen, I'm here to help. Let's brew this together.

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Ashanda At Large, the ministry of faith, family and the future focuses on rebuilding the Israelite community through powerful commentary, biblically-balanced teaching and insightful interviews with Israelite leaders, authors, scholars, artists, activist, etc. making a difference in the black community.   



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The 7:14 Movement Impact


The 7:14 Movement Impact

"You've help me establish certain productive ways to interact and bring forth information and topics about Yah and the state we are in as a people. I thank you and your family and ministry APHTTMHY"


Kentrell J.

The 7:14 Movement Sound

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Introducing the 7:14 Movement Sound. Giving glory unto the Most High Yahuah for the grace He has provided through the shed blood of His Son Yahusha HaMasiach for the remission of our sins. Let us turn back to our first love.


Many thanks to Psalmist Joy Lester, for her gracious gift of: If My People. Glean from her wisdom at: The Oil of Joy.

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