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Ashanda At Large, the ministry of faith, family and the future focuses on rebuilding the Israelite community through powerful commentary, biblically-balanced teaching and insightful interviews with Israelite leaders, authors, scholars, artists, activist, etc. making a difference in the black community.   


The 7:14 Movement began via Ashanda At Large as a diasporic fasting and prayer initiative for the restoration of the Israelite Community back to the heart of Father Yah. Through prayer and repentance, receiving of the shed blood of Yahusha HaMasiach and return of our hearts to obey His Word, we believe that a Corporate voice will be heard from Heaven and our people will be healed. The response to the system of White Supremacy, police brutality, oppression, lack of identity and disunity is found at the place of humble repentance from the Israelite aka African American community. 

Ashanda At Large and The 7:14 Movement is dedicated to serving our community with impactful content which will implore, inspire and encourage the household of Israel and body of Christ to get freedom in their inner man, get their houses in order and build upon the solid rock of Yahusha HaMasiach